Blogging in Education

What is a blog?  A blog is an informational site or discussion posted on someone's website.  It is usually written by one person but is transitioning into multi-person writing.  A blog is like a journal, except anyone can read it and write responses - comments, questions, tips, advice, etc.

You may ask, "why is there a blog on a teacher's website"?  Well, the answer is simple.  The purpose of having an educational blog is so that teachers and students have an easy and effective way to communicate with each other.  Now teachers can post news or lessons or assignments on their blog, and students have access to them.  Gone are the days when students can use the excuse of not being in class and therefore missed an assignment.  Students now have the opportunity to and responsibility of checking a teacher's blog to communicate and stay informed.  

Teachers can also post samples of other students' work on their blogs so students have a constant reference point when completing assignments.  Students can post questions along the way and the teacher can respond in a manner that will be visible to the entire class. 

Overall, an educational blog is an excellent tool that will become more and more commonplace in the classroom.  As technology continues to advance, teachers and students will have more effective and efficient ways to stay connected and informed. 

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