In today's society, children are burdened by having an online presence.  It is a societal norm; it's rare to meet someone who's not "on" Facebook.  As teachers, it is our responsibility to help students understand their impact online, whether they are creating online profiles or participating in online games or chat rooms, they have to be taught that everything they do creates a digital footprint.  
It is a huge media issue right now - the case of Amanda Todd and her story about cyber bullying.  The idea that anything you do online can come back to haunt you for the rest of your life is frightening, to anyone.  We are trained as teachers to "clean up" our facebook profiles, but even beyond that.  Things from our childhoods, good and bad are online.  From old sporting events results to old class photos, some things that we may not necessarily want to be seen are online, and often beyond our control to remove. 

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