Today's class was spent learning about concept maps.  I've had exposure to concept maps with pen and paper, but never really on a computer; and especially not when everyone in the class can add to the same concept map. 
Although the technology to do so is quite impressive, I am not a huge fan of it.  I found it difficult to use and hard to wrap my head around, and therefore time consuming and frustrating.  I hope that as I work with the program more and learn more about it I can come to have a good working relationship with it. 
I think concept maps are a valuable tool in teaching - whether used to explain a topic or concept, or to have students create these maps themselves to show a level of comprehension and creativity.  However, the drawbacks are that some students may feel the same way I do - unable to work the program on the computer.  I also feel that some students will find concept maps intimidating and overwhelming if they are not necessarily visual learners.  

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