I have used Microsoft Excel lots of times in the past, but I'm the first to admit that I'm not very efficient at it.  At times, when I've been using it lots in a short period of time, I do start to get "good" at it, but I find that I lose that skill quickly if I don't use it.  I'm lucky because my boyfriend is really good at spreadsheets, so usually if I need one made I just ask him to do it.  But after today's class I do feel more competent with Microsoft Excel. 
I remember learning all these things in high school - the formulas and formatting cells, etc.  But even with versions of MS Office that have been updated it's a totally different experience.  I would definitely have to spend more time playing around with it to create master versions of certain documents, such as skating invoices, gradebooks or attendance sheets. 
I would have liked to play around with the Apple version of Excel - Numbers.  I have had a few opportunities to use Numbers, however, it is usually just inputting data into a spreadsheet made for me.  I have tried to play with it and become competent but to no avail.  I'd really like some lessons and education about this potentially great program!

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