Today's class was spent discovering SmartBoards!  How exciting!  I used a SmartBoard at my school when I was taking Ed 2500 last semester, and although it was fun, my first obstacle was not being able to reach the top where I had to tap to start my presentation.  Lucky for me, many of my students were taller than me and had LOTS of fun teasing me about my height.  But I digress...

Other than a few lessons that I taught during Ed 2500, I have rarely used a SmartBoard.  And even with those lessons I used Powerpoint and just plugged in a USB key.  I feel like a "real teacher" now that I have the technology on my own personal laptop! 

It was fun to watch as we saw all the tricks and smoke and mirrors that the SmartBoard technology is capable! I feel like it will take me months to go through it all and figure out how to use it. 
This class is proving to be challenging, yet so useful and applicable.  I used to think of myself as fairly technological literate, but even in the past 3 weeks I feel like I have advanced.  I'm excited to continue learning about what my computer is capable of!
Mike Willems
10/11/2012 03:06:20 pm

My school bought a smart board but the teachers used it as a background to display their overhead projectors on :P Do you think the Smart technology is too complicated? Is it something that you would actually integrate into a classroom, or would you just prefer to stick to classics like Powerpoint?


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